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My story’s been interesting so far! I was born in the Netherlands and raised bilingual during my childhood in Japan. My family traveled a lot and I always considered myself an “Earthling”, with a lot of benefits!
My love story began on-line between Holland and Minnesota, when I met my husband Kurt. When he brought me to this area, I lost my heart instantly to Lake Superior, the many forests, wonderful villages, the space, clean air and water. I married Kurt on the condition that we would live in this beautiful place, and we settled in the Washburn countryside in 2001. I never looked back.
I love people, and what makes them tick. I have a background in Life Coaching, which is really helpful in real estate transactions! Both buyers and sellers often go through a lot of emotions during the complex process of offers, contingencies, loan approvals, inspections, and closings. I never tell people what to do, but based on my real estate knowledge, and the area, I feel comfortable advising my clients in the direction where I intuitively feel they would want to go.
As a broker, my joy and success is in the relationships I have with my buyers and sellers. I have been a Realtor in this area now for 16 years and could write a happy book about my experiences. Many of my clients have become great friends, with whom I enjoy many of the wonderful things this area has to offer.
I look forward to being your friendly professional or professional friend, it could be both ;-)